Created in 1953, NANTAISE DES EAUX is a SME designing & building water treatment plants, with over 1000 references worldwide. Our customers are public authorities and also private companies.

NDE engineers offer their know-how to ensure a wide range of technologies to deal with domestic or industrial water treatment, drinking water production as well as sludge treatment issues. Apart from conventional solutions in concrete or glass-lined steel, for waste water storage, NDE has developed standardized products made of polyester or in containers, offering a competitive solution from 50 to 2.000PE implementable in less than 6 months; and for drinking water NDE developed solution with skid modules from 10 to 200 m3/h.

Thanks to its long experience in France and worldwide, and in addition to the quality and rigor of its engineering, NDE knows how to organize projects in various contexts, with the responsiveness and the competitiveness specific to an independent SME.