Our History

NANTAISE DES EAUX was created following the merger in 1991 of two medium-sized companies: SOAF, located in Sainte Luce sur Loire (F) and TES, located in Roanne (F)

Created in 1953 by J.J. Régent, SOAF was able to make a name for itself in France and abroad by specialising in manufacturing small waste water-treatment plants implementing concrete prefabrication techniques, as well as polyester models that are easy to transport and assemble. Some of these models such as SYMAC and JUMBO have become well- known names in export thanks to their huge reputation.


TES Roanne's waste water treatment department was created in 1976. TES specialised in building a wide range of waste water-treatment plants for both communities and industries (paper mills, food processing, textile, pharmacy...). The complete range went from 1000 to 150,000 inhabitant-equivalents.

The 1991 merger was expressed by a geographical grouping in Sainte Luce sur Loire in 1993. The name NANTAISE DES EAUX appeared in 1996. Thus a new company covering the field of activity of the two previous ones was created.


NANTAISE DES EAUX has restructured and modernised itself on every level: creating new work tools, developing new technologies and establishing procedure records for all of its service.

in 2018, NANTAISE DES EAUX INGENIERIE's stock in trade was integrated to Société Nouvelle NANTAISE DES EAUX, organized in coordination with AQUADEP.

Today, NANTAISE DES EAUX is a key player in its field and enjoys a very good reputation. Its plants are present in France and abroad with hundreds of references from 100 to 250,000 inhabitant-equivalents in more than 70 countries.