The new effluent treatment plant at Coca Cola facilities in Clamart (92) was completed in April 2014. With a capacity up to 1 000 m3 /d, with large variations, weeks of optimizations and adjustments were necessary. The installation has been approved on July 8, 2014 by Coca Cola technical services.
The aim of the new installation is to ensure more reliable performances, enable automated operation by monitoring online multi parameters (Brix, pH, temperature, conductivity), reduce operating costs (electricity, neutralizing liquid CO2) and improve ergonomics of signal boxes in order to optimize maintenance. Today, these objectives are achieved.
The ambitious schedule of construction was met with thorough preparation and important exchanges with the plant’s project team. No production shutdown was requested nor required. The organization, compliance with NANTAISE DES EAUX ENGINEERING ISO procedures and personalized follow-up with the client (exclusive contact from trade to execution) were as many success factors for this application.
Month after month, NANTAISE DES EAUX ENGINEERING built trustful relationships with Coca Cola, based on responsibility, reactivity and mutual desire to reach the best solution.
During the coming year NANTAISE DES EAUX ENGINEERING will provide technical assistance to Coca Cola in order to ensure the best possible transfer of the installation to plant operators.


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