The new wastewater treatment plant “La Graffinière” in the city of BESNE has been inaugurated on the 26th of September 2014. It was a pleasure for the vice president of La CARENE and mayor of Besne: Sylvie CAUCHIE, and the president of LA CARENE to present this new plant.

The operation was made in collaboration between NDEI and PVE (civil engineer cocontractor), La CARENE, and ARTELIA ensuring the consulting.

The plant capacity is 300 EH. The water treatment line capacity is 62m3/j with biological treatment with biodiscs technology. Nitrogen treatment is ensured upstream in an anoxic tank. Sludge is treated on drying beds and thickened sludge is reused for agriculture. A particular attention was paid on the insertion of the plant. As a consequence, a wooden operation building was constructed and the landscaping was well worked. The global amount of the operation is 400 260€ tax excluded exclusively funded by the CARENE.

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