EAU DE PARIS-MENILMONTANT: End of the observation period for phase n°1

eau de paris

NDEI was awarded in April 2015 for the chlorination-dechlorination works on Ménilmontant reservoir (Paris 20th).

There is a major constraint of continuous operation of the plant on this construction planned over 22 months and started since September 2015.

 The observation period of the phase n°1 ended on June the 10th of 2016. It consisted in equipping the bisulfite delivery zone, storing tank, neutralization tank, electrical equipment (separate contract),…

 Commissioning worked perfectly and the operation of the new equipment gives satisfaction to the client.

Dechlorination is ensured sodium bisulfite instead of sulfur dioxide. Sulfure dioxide storing building will be evacuated and phase n°2, working on sodium bisulfite injection will begin on June the 13th.


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