After 13 months of work, the storm water treatment installation of Bordeaux-Merignac Airport has been accepted.

About 1.2 million cubic meters of rainwater is collected annually coming from runways and aircraft parking areas. These waters may contain sand, traces of hydrocarbons and residues of glycol used for runways and aircraft de-icing. These substances must be removed before being discharged into natural environment.

The plant built by NANTAISE DES EAUX INGENIERIE allows to measure continuously the water quality. Storage basins have been created to prevent overflow on the airport for flow rates up to 7.5 m3 / s. Analyzers are able to detect immediately the slightest trace of pollution in the waters. In case of pollution, the water is directed to a physico-chemical and biological treatment plant.

The commissioning of the facilities was made in summer 2015 and the plant is now operational. This storm water treatment system is an essential tool for the Bordeaux-Merignac Airport in its sustainable development and natural environment protection strategy.

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