Modular Systems - Presentation

The Product

Présentation Stations modulairesPolyester Modular wastewater treatment systems have been part of Nantaise des Eaux Ingénierie’s activity for over 30 years, through a range of JUMBO-SYMAC products particularly adapted to the treatment of wastewater of small communities such as hotels, hospitals, base camps, housing developments, leisure activities centers, airports, administration buildings…
These products are designed to be easily exported in containers and are composed of robust materials and equipment, with an easy operation.
The process activated sludge with extended aeration can also be supplemented by pretreatment upstream and / or downstream tertiary treatment when the effluent or the local context requires it.

Its implementation

Présentation stations modulaires 2Though each request is the subject of a specific study, the standardization of the products enables fast implementation: the estimated duration is between 4 and 6 months, from ordering to start-up, depending on the size of the installation and transport time.
After execution studies and materials supply at the factory, polyester tanks and equipment are loaded into containers to be mounted on site after arrival.
A preliminary work of site preparation and earthworks is necessary before the assembly of the tanks.
With the presence of a technical supervisor from Nantaise des Eaux on site, erection of the plant and start-up of the installation can take place in safe conditions.