1.1 Website publication :

Société Nouvelle NANTAISE DES EAUX

1, Rue d'Algarve



Tel. : 02 53 59 22 00

Société par Actions Simplifiée

Share capital : 160 000 €

Corporate & Trade Register : 839 701 257 NANTES

Publicator Director : Jérôme LABARRE, Président


1.2 Articles :

Respect for private life and personal data :

Data is collected with the sole purpose of setting up professional commercial relations with customers. Data of a personal nature is kept by NANTAISE DES EAUX for a reasonable period of time. If the person concerned does not supply all the information requested as obligatory (*Obligatory Fields), he cannot validate the form in question and therefore cannot enter into contact with NANTAISE DES EAUX. The right of access and rectification provided for in Article 34 ff of the law previously cited is exercised by post to the address: NANTAISE DES EAUX.

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