NANTAISE DES EAUX offers a range of compact wastewater treatment units. These "products" are mainly for the offshore (oil or gas platforms and FPSO), but can be also used in other special situations (humanitarian crisis, military operations, camps for construction sites…).

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NANTAISE DES EAUX offers a wide range of technologies to comply with the industrial effluent specificities and the specific reglementation constraintdes eaux traitées :Technologie Effluents industriels 1

1-Water treatment
• Pretreatment
          →Raw & fine screening

• Biological treatment
o Activated sludge
o Bacteria bed
o SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor)
o Membrane BioReactor (MBR)
o Anaerobic digestion
o grease removing

• Physical and chemical treatment
o Coagulation & floculation
o Flotation
o Settling
• Tertiary treatment for reuse
• Sand or activated carbon filtration
• Membrane filtration
• Disinfection (chemical, UV)

• Process water production
o Filtration (reverse osmosis)
o Specific treatment


NANTAISE DES EAUX offers many sludge treatment technologies appropriate to their final destination : agricultural recycling , energy recovery or landfill.Technologie Effluents industriels 2

2-Sludge treatment
• Thickening
o Static thickening
o Draining table
o Belt filter

• Dehydration
o Centrifugation
o filter
o Solar drying system

3- Tertiary treatment for re-use
• Aerobic stabilisation
• Methane fermentation
• Liming